3 Reasons why Cyber security is a Business Enabler

Despite the growing focus on cybersecurity many organisations remain unsure about the business benefits.

Being able to clearly demonstrate to both customers and shareholders that you take cybersecurity seriously is increasingly important as more and more organisations do their business online.

The government-backed Cyber Essentials Plus scheme, for example, demonstrates that an organisation has taken an active approach to secure their business from cyber threats and with XQ’s award-winning CyberScore™ an organisation can clearly demonstrate the strength of its security and how they’ve taken action to improve it over time.

Business Agility

With more and more organisations now doing their business online the competition is fierce. Organisations that are agile and flexible can gain a competitive advantage over their rivals by implementing new products and services.

The advantages of digital transformation, however, can only be exploited if it goes hand in hand with strong cybersecurity.

Implementing effective cybersecurity strategies and technology such as CyberScore allows a business to confidently move into new areas of growth.

Organisations that are confident in their cybersecurity are more likely to pursue new technology and innovations giving them an advantage over their competitors.


Customer confidence and loyalty

Data breaches and cyber-attacks are now regular staples in the news headlines and those unfortunate companies that are the victims get their names splashed across the media.

A breach can massively impact on customer confidence which in turn can result in loss of business and all that goes with it.

By being able to demonstrate that you take cybersecurity seriously your customers are likely to have more confidence using your services and perhaps will be more forgiving when the worst happens.

Consumers value businesses that have a solid track record in protecting their data and by growing a reputation for secure data governance a business can encourage brand loyalty and entice new customers.


Keeping a Business Productive

A business that has taken steps to protect itself from cyber threats is much more likely to reduce the impacts to productivity that can result from an attack.

Having a solid incident response plan in place means that you can reduce the disruption to operations.

In the case of Ransomware attacks, for example, having backups in place can massively reduce any negative disruption and a well-prepared organisation can keep operating with little fuss.

Having staff drilled and educated on basic cyber hygiene will also reduce the impact.

You have fire drills, why not cyber-attack drills too?


Thinking that cybersecurity is only useful to reduce cyber risks is outdated. Now, we need to see it as a business enabler and a key part of an organisation’s business strategy.

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