5 steps to choosing the best cybersecurity solution

With cybersecurity a growing challenge for businesses, channel partners need to be able to offer an attractive and effective solution to their clients.

The market is filled with such products and it’s a bit of a minefield to navigate and find a product that ticks all the right boxes. We take a look at the five major points that a product should tick.

Is it easy to sell to clients?

A cybersecurity solution first and foremost needs to be easy to sell to clients. If it’s complicated and its end goal isn’t clear to see from your perspective then your clients will also be confused. CyberScore™for example, is easy to pitch to your customers as it does what it says on the tin. It scans a network and delivers a clear to understand score that rates the effectiveness of the network’s security. As well as that it also produces clear to understand Get Well Plans, Patch Reports and Tech Reports.

Can it provide a regular source of revenue?

Many products on the market can only be used once, which means that you only receive a one-off payment from a client. Ideally, your offering should be able to be used multiple times or as often as needed. With new vulnerabilities being discovered daily, a product that can be run on a regular basis will better protect the client as well as providing you with the option to bill your customers on a monthly basis.

Both my client and I aren’t cyber savvy. Is it easy to use?

Many security solutions require a team of technical experts just to understand the words on the box let alone setup and run. If it isn’t easy to use then your clients are likely to grow frustrated which could, in turn, damage your relationship with them. Tools such as CyberScore™, on the other hand, are easy to set up and start using. The results are also simple and clear to understand.

Does it actually improve cybersecurity?

The biggest test is whether the product is actually effective at improving cybersecurity. Some products promise much but fall short or are so complicated that the user would rather not use it unless they absolutely have to. 

CyberScore™ however, does this by giving you a clear view of your security posture - that is, how you look to someone seeking to attack your IT infrastructure - and creates a plan to allow you to fix things quickly.

If you’re running out of date software – it lets you know. In short, it tells the user where all of their vulnerabilities are, which ones are most important, and will tell them what they can do about them. It can also be used across a supply chain, highlighting any weak links, something that very products can do effectively.

Is pricing flexible?

Some products are very rigid in their pricing structures meaning that a channel partner is unable to charge their clients what they would like. With CyberScore™ pricing is set directly by the channel partner and regular billing is easy to set up.

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