A Conversation with – Ady Evans – Technical Architect at Vysiion

In our latest discussion, we chatted with Ady Evans, Technical Architect at managed technology solutions provider Vysiion (an XQ Cyber partner) to discuss cybersecurity and what the biggest challenges are for businesses.

XQ - What do you think are the main reasons people are put off by cybersecurity? 

Ady – “Cybersecurity is a vast topic, and personnel who are in a decision-making position don’t necessarily understand the topic fully or how they are going to achieve their goals. This is why security practices are not being implemented and ignored. The saying “I don’t know where to start” is often in many conversations I have with clients, and new customers. The clients need a non-technical cost-effective security program that clearly outlines how they can achieve their business needs in plain English, along with a plan.”

XQ - What in your view are the most common threats faced by businesses?

Ady – “Poor and/or inappropriate internal security policies, practices and risk mitigation measures are easily the most common threat I see. As well as that, a lack of staff education on the basic security threats and how to handle a potential security incident and threats is another major issue that can make an incident far worse than it needs to be. If you have proper training and a risk management plan in place a business can better handle an incident.”

XQ - How in your view can the industry encourage people to do the cybersecurity basics?

Ady - “From an initial perspective, it will be providing a number of basic webinars, conference calls, and providing basic analysis tooling: this will enable non-security trained people to grasp a foundation of the general security best practices. The aim of this is to enable the client to make the base evaluation of their own infrastructure and identify threats/risk. Once the staff/people have the basic skills to identify the highest threats to their estate, they are empowered to make the end goal decisions and place actions against it.”

XQ- Looking ahead, what do you believe will be the biggest challenges businesses will face in the future? 

Ady – “Where cybersecurity covers a very wide range of topics and areas, the SME’s just want a simplified service for an effective price. Getting clients to adapt to new security standards and governance processes as technology changes is a challenge, as it will often include significant costs to the SME. Managing the changing technology sectors and what vulnerabilities are associated with it, i.e. SDN, Machine-to-Machine learning, Artificial intelligence,

XQ – Thanks Ady

Vysiion can be found at  https://www.vysiion.co.uk/

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