A lack of understanding the main barrier to cyber security

80% of respondents to our Cyber Knowledge Survey recently conducted at the Gloucestershire Business show say that a lack of understanding is the main reason people are put off cybersecurity.

The anonymous survey asked show attendees a series of questions about their perception of the cyber sector and what they perceive are the biggest cybersecurity threats to their businesses and livelihoods.

Interestingly many of those questioned stated that their overall knowledge of cybersecurity was above average but then went on to say that a lack of understanding was the main reason they were put off by it. In a distant second place was cost and behind that was the belief that cybersecurity wasn’t needed.

The Threats

When it came to the threats that are most likely to negatively impact upon their businesses, 50% of participants gave the answer of ‘External hacking’ which includes attacks such as SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS).

In second place at 30% was Phishing and Spear Phishing attacks. Malware and insider threats were also recognised as potential issues. 


60% don’t know how often they check for vulnerabilities

Perhaps the most surprising result of the survey was the 60% of participants admitting that they didn’t know how often their business checks for vulnerabilities on their networks and systems.  20% said that they checked their systems for vulnerabilities daily and 20% said they checked for weaknesses to their security at least every quarter.

What’s the most important factor?

When asked about what’s the most important factor a cybersecurity tool needs to be, the majority said ease of use. 30% said efficiency and 10% said that it needs to be able to detect the latest threats.

Fortunately, CyberScore™ fits all of those categories.

CyberScore™ is designed to empower businesses and organisations of all sizes to, mitigate risk, safeguard reputations and to simplify the practice of cybersecurity and educate organisations and their employees in the process.

CyberScore™ is easy to use and automatically analyses the data mined from inside and outside an organisation, identifying any vulnerabilities found in the process. Regular scans are easy to set up and execute allowing your IT and security teams to focus on other matters making them more efficient.

After downloading and running the software across a network, businesses are provided with a free, top level summary of the organisational calculated risk rating. Detailed technical reports and high-level assessments for the board can also be provided for a fee and are designed to show any potential vulnerabilities on a network. It can also assess the likelihood of an organisation passing a Cyber Essentials certification.

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