Are you challenging your Channel Partner?

Does your business use a Channel partner to provide your IT and cybersecurity needs? If the answer is yes, are you challenging them to ensure you get the best service and security you can possibly get?

MSPs are trusted by their customers to ensure that their organisations are cyber secure. With the cyber threat growing and constantly evolving you need to ensure that your security is in hands capable of safeguarding your business.

Why use an MSP?

There are several benefits of working with an MSP.

An SME is likely to not have the budget or technical expertise to deal with a cyber incident. By working with an MSP they will provide the appropriate tools and technical expertise to reduce any damage and keep your business operating.

An effective MSP will also provide your business with technology solutions that will improve the efficiency of your business. This allows you and your employees to focus on other matters.

Another advantage to using an MSP is that they should have the expertise on hand to help you be security compliant. With new legislation such as GDPR and NIS your business needs to be compliant or face hefty fines should a breach occur.


What you need to be aware of

Not all MSPs provide the full range of services that can be of benefit toward your cybersecurity. Some MSPs may also offer incident response and incident management services but are unlikely to offer these services without extra costs to their customers. The quality of these services is also unlikely to be as effective as similar services offered by a dedicated security company due to them not necessarily having the same level of expertise at their disposal.

The benefit of MSPs

At CyberScore we understand that organisations face growing challenges to keep themselves secure. With cybercrime and incidents increasing year on year SMEs may feel helpless in the face of the threat.

By working with MSPs we believe that SMEs can receive quality cyber security which is why we have partnered with Vysiion, the managed technology solutions provider to bring its customers the award winning automated security testing and rating service CyberScore.

CyberScore covers all of the questions shown above.

  • CyberScore helps you stay ahead of the competition by freeing up time and resources, allowing you to focus on innovation.
  • As CyberScore is a fully automated tool that streamlines what was once an expensive and resource intensive task.
  • CyberScore is updated every 25 hours with the latest vulnerabilities meaning that as soon as a new vulnerability is detected CyberScore will detect it.
  • CyberScore is highly flexible and affordable. It can be run as many times as required at any time that is convenient for you.
  • Your data is safe with us. CyberScore houses all data within Ark Data Centres – the UK’s most efficient and secure data hosting centre.

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