Are your customers crying out for a cybersecurity solution?

Are your customers crying out for a cybersecurity solution that won’t cost the earth and is simple to set up and use? Look no further, we’ve got you covered with CyberScore™.

Businesses of all sizes need to take the matter of cybersecurity seriously, it’s now a sad fact of life that at some point they will be attacked. That may sound defeatist but it’s not. Honest. If you have an effective cybersecurity solution in place any impacts can be greatly reduced or can even deter attackers in the first place.

The Growing Threat

According the 2018 Cybersecurity breaches survey, over four in ten businesses (43%) and two in ten charities (19%) experienced cybersecurity breaches or attacks in the last 12 months.

When it comes to large businesses this rises to seven in ten. With more and more business operating online they have become bigger targets and those that hold personal data, use cloud computing or allow staff to use personal devices for work purposes are more susceptible to a breach.

Cost Effective Security

With cybersecurity being a major issue, many organisations who don’t have the budgets to hire a team of expensive experts are seeking a cybersecurity solution that is both cost effective and easy to implement. Many of them are turning to channel partners to provide them with a solution to their security woes.

As a channel partner, there is a whole slew of products out there to choose from but how many are easy to implement, can increase and bring in monthly revenue?

This is where CyberScore™ comes in.

What is it?

CyberScore™ is an innovative software tool that helps organisations of all sizes and types improve their cybersecurity by rapidly scanning their entire network, highlighting vulnerabilities and giving expert remediation advice so they – or their IT provider (you) – can make their networks stronger.

What’s in it for your customers -

  • It is a deceptively simple tool (easy on the eye within the interface but deeply impressive ‘under the hood’)
  • It is fast to install via VMWare/HyperV and easy for an engineer to deploy and produce reporting from. 
  • A security team can immediately become equipped with empirical- based security evidence, written in the most credible of language and independently verified – with which to advise their own board.
  • The CyberScore™ itself allows an organisation to see what areas may need improvement. Having a good score means that an organisation can be confident in claiming they are a top performer when it comes to security.
  • Allows you to continuously understand your organisation’s cybersecurity posture
  • Track your progress and watch your cyber health improve as mitigation measures are implemented
  • Track cyber risks across supply chains and third parties without the need for consultants or questionnaires
  • Dramatically reduces the cost and improves the quality of compliance penetration testing

What’s in it for you?

  • You have the choice in how to charge for the service. Monthly billing, for example, means regular monthly revenue.
  • Due to its simple premise, anyone can understand it making it easier to sell!
  • It’s easy to support meaning that you don’t have to be a cyber expert.
  • It’s easy to sell, provides a high margin at a low cost and most importantly there is a growing need for it!
  • Demonstrates to existing customers that you take their security seriously
  • Generates direct revenues and additional revenue streams (implementing get well plans, replacing obsolete equipment etc)
  • Reduces customer churn
  • Deepens customer relationships

Want to learn more about how CyberScore™ can help secure your business? Visit our website at and if you want to give yourself the very best protection against cybersecurity threats try our CyberScore™  software for free now.

XQ Cyber also offers a range of incident response and consultancy services such as Penetration Testing, Cyber Posture Assessments and Incident Response preparedness and testing.

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