Be Cyber Safe this Summer Holiday Season

It’s that time of year when many of you are getting ready to jet off abroad on your holidays. (Lucky you!) If you’re taking laptops and other smart devices with you make sure you're cyber safe.

Top tips for cyber safe holidays

As with most things staying cyber secure overseas is mostly down to common sense. Here are a few top tips to staying safe whilst on your holidays.

Be aware of travel scams – There are many scams that target people seeking a good holiday deal. Be wary of websites posing as travel companies, hotels or car rental firms. Always use trusted websites and companies and avoid obscure third-party sites promising deals that are too good to be true.

Avoid Unsecured Wi-Fi networks -  If a network isn’t password protected or requires a sign in then it should be avoided. Chances are that a hacker has compromised it. If you do use one make sure to never share confidential information over such networks.

Publicly shared computers- If you’ve gone away with no smart devices you could always use computers in internet cafes or those often available in hotels and hostels. Be warned as often these machines are likely to have already been compromised.

Social media- When using social media make sure to avoid posting too much information such as your location. A hacker could use it to ascertain your location and use it against you in spear phishing attacks. Scammers may pose as your hotel or car rental company seeking to charge you for something. If you must share holiday snaps whilst away be sure to set your profiles settings to only show to trusted friends and family.

Passwords and 2FA - You should password protect any devices you take with you, ideally with two-factor authentication. Most modern devices also allow you to turn on location tracking allowing you to find them if you lose them.

Update your software – Make sure that your devices are up to date with the latest security patches.

Keep your devices close – When out and about always keep your devices close to your person and don’t leave them unattended. Make sure all devices are insured and password protected with strong, tough to crack passwords in the event they are stolen.

Notify someone – Before going away you should let your bank know. If any fraudulent activity does occur on your accounts they should quickly become aware of it and hopefully prevent further losses.  


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