Busting Cyber Myths - 'There's nothing I can do'

Many people believe that cybersecurity is something that is beyond them, a mysterious dark art or that its somebody else's problem.

A combination of poor communication by the industry and the mainstream media has done significant harm to people’s perception of cybersecurity.

Often, they feel helpless in the face of the cyber threat; believing that it is beyond their realm of comprehension by non-technical experts.

This attitude is perfectly understandable, especially as hackers and the cybercrime industry are often perceived as evil masterminds that can only be stopped by security geniuses.


We all play a part

Time and again surveys are released that show that many individuals and smaller businesses believe that the issue isn’t their problem and even if it was there’s nothing they can do about it.

They either feel that they’re not ‘smart’ enough to understand the issue or that they’re not important enough to be targeted.

In reality, effective cybersecurity is everybody's problem. And the good news is that implementing the basics isn’t all that hard.

You don’t need to be a computer whiz to keep your data and networks safe. Schemes such as Cyber Essentials are designed to empower you into taking control of your security.

It could be you

If you don’t think you’re important enough to be a target for cybercrime you’d be mistaken. Just having a presence online means that you are a potential target. In the age of cybercrime as a service the threat now comes predominately from programs designed to seek out vulnerabilities. Just because you think you’re not important doesn’t matter.

If your devices aren’t patched with the latest updates then there’s a good chance an automated programme designed to seek out vulnerabilities and exploit them will find you and turn you into a victim. The days where hackers would spend hours seeking out a potential target has largely been replaced by automation and non-targeted attacks.

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