Cost of data breaches rises again but Automated Security can decrease the expense

The Cost of a Data Breach Study carried out by the Ponemon Institute interviewed 500 companies from around the world that had experienced a data breach to discover that the average cost of a breach has increased by 6.4%.

The Reports Findings

Reducing the costs of a data breach

Perhaps the most interesting findings of the study were the savings and reduced impact of a data breach a business can make as a result of having an effective incident response plan in place.

Having an incident response plan is just the start, however. Employees right across the organisation need to be aware of it and regular exercises should be carried out in ‘peacetime’ to ensure that it will be carried out properly when an incident occurs.

Automated Security Technology saves over $1.5 million on the total cost of a breach

The study also revealed that businesses using automated security tools like the award-winning CyberScore™ can save them even more. The technology allows businesses to detect vulnerabilities through regular scanning and discover gaps in their security which in turn allows them to quickly resolve or reduce the risk before an attacker has a chance to exploit it. This helps to inform the user how to implement an incident response plan that fits their risk appetite.

What is CyberScore™?

CyberScore™ is a fully automated cybersecurity testing service that assesses the strength of your organisation’s network and defences.

It enables you to discover your cybersecurity score and generates a high-quality report that helps security teams communicate and remediate vulnerabilities around an organisation and throughout a supply chain.

The benefits include -

  • It is a deceptively simple yet immensely powerful tool.
  • It is fast to install via VMWare/HyperV and is easy for an engineer to deploy and immediately start producing reports from. 
  • Makes it easy for a security team advise their own board via empirical security evidence that is professionally presented.
  • The CyberScore™ itself allows an organisation to clearly see which areas may need improvement.
  • It allows you to continuously understand your organisation’s cybersecurity posture and track your progress as mitigation measures are implemented.
  • Track cyber risks across supply chains and third parties without the need for consultants or questionnaires
  • Dramatically reduce the cost and improve the quality of compliance penetration testing

XQ Cyber also offers a range of incident response and consultancy services such as Penetration Testing, Cyber Posture Assessments and Incident Response preparedness and testing. 

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