Cyber security will never be perfect

You probably get bombarded with adverts from companies claiming that they can ‘100% guarantee the security of your organisation’. If you do, then its probably a good idea to delete them. In reality, cyber security will never be perfect.

The Human Factor

There are a few reasons why cybersecurity will never be perfect, but perhaps one of the biggest reasons is simply down to human nature.

At this year’s Infosec event one of the keynote events was the topic; ‘Changing behaviour to drive a risk aware culture’.

One of the speakers, Bruce Hallas, made several key points as to why changing people’s behaviour towards cyber security is such a challenge.

One of those points was that people don’t like change unless its their idea and that they are ‘predictably irrational’. Convincing 100% of people to adopt effective cyber security is a challenge that will most likely never be completed.

After all, we’re only human.

Research from Shred-it’s Security Tracker report backs this by showing that nearly a third of UK organisations have sacked an employee as a result of negligence towards cybersecurity.


Out of those surveyed the majority recognised that employee negligence played a role in data security breaches, however, the data also showed that a large proportion of those organisations are failing to train their employees or provide the correct information.

The Basics

Doing the security basics may seem like common sense but humans aren’t well known for being rational beings. This assumption also negates the fact that skilled hackers and phishers can dupe even the most vigilant individuals.

Even if they have received cybersecurity training, employees often have many things to think about at once and its all too easy to lose information during the course of an, especially hectic day.

The Ever-Changing Threat

Ever since computers and the internet were invented the cyber threat has constantly evolved and often the hackers are one step ahead.

As new technology comes online so do the ways in which it can be exploited.

Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smart phones and a whole host of new internet connected technology has seen the threat landscape change beyond all recognition to what it was just a decade ago.

With the threat ever changing no cybersecurity, product is able to provide 100% protection and anyone claiming their product can isn’t telling the truth.

Reduce the threats with CyberScore™

Unlike some of our competitors, we at XQ never claim to offer 100% protection. Instead, with CyberScore™ we aim to help prevent harm being done to your organisation, either directly or via third parties.  

CyberScore™ does this by giving you a view of your organisations security posture and creates a plan to allow you to fix things quickly. If you or your partners are running obsolete software - we'll let you know.

 If you're running supported software that is missing lots of security fixes, we'll flag it and include it in your Get Well Plan. We'll let you know where all of your vulnerabilities are, which ones are most important, either because of their nature or their prevalence. And we'll tell you what to do about them, hopefully before someone else, who cares less about your wellbeing, does.

With regular scans (ideally every month), you’re able to stay on top of any new vulnerabilities as they appear. By regularly scanning you will be able to build up a picture of where your strengths and weaknesses are allowing you to take action to reduce the threats and improve your CyberScore™. 


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