Cybercrime as a service on the rise, but security basics can still reduce the threat

Cybercriminals no longer need to know how to code or be technical experts. Today, anyone can seek out the tools needed to launch attacks from the dark web and underground websites.

Anything from Ransomware to DDoS kits can be rented or acquired for just a few hundred dollars at a time. The cybercrime as an industry model is booming as the vendors become increasingly professionalised.

Many of these marketplaces are set up and run just like any other professional retail businesses complete with phone numbers and contact email addresses; some even provide customer services and support to help even complete novices to launch cyber-attacks.

These online vendors even offer buyers special offers and product trials. Not convinced that the ransomware kit is worth $1000? No problem, why not take it out for a trial before you pay.

Other services that these vendors provide include DDoS attack as a service, Malware as a service and even fraud as a service. In short, anyone looking to make some cash or cause a nuisance online can now do so with relative ease.

With the growth and increased professionalism of the cybercrime as a service model, it’s not just script kiddies using them. Organised crime groups have become attracted to it and have embraced it fully. Unlike the more traditional acts of crime such as burglary which sees a criminal put themselves into physical harm with a good chance of being caught, cybercrime seems to be an attractive and far less risky option for organised crime groups but one that can be just as financially rewarding. 

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What’s the good news?

The above may sound like organisations don’t stand a chance against the cyber criminals but fortunately despite the rapid rise in the number of potential cyber attackers the overall threat remains the same. By implementing effective cybersecurity measures, they can meet these new challenges head-on.

With cybercrime getting more and more attention in the media and elsewhere, awareness of the threats and mitigation methods is on the rise making it harder for criminals to breach organisations successfully.

Similarly, to securing your home and personal possessions, being consistently vigilance in the online and digital world following basic security principles and ongoing cyber awareness training will go a long way in helping your organisation avoid becoming a target and a victim.

By adopting government schemes such as Cyber Essentials and educating employees at all levels, you can reduce the threat.

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