Cybersecurity Needs to Change; it’s needlessly complex

Cybersecurity is too complex and it’s needlessly so, writes Allen Scott.

Keep it simple needs to be the motto of the cybersecurity industry. Overly complex technobabble may make the ‘cyber experts’ feel smart but in reality, it just leaves most people, particularly business leaders confused and often suspicious.

I have been in this industry for many years and it has become clear to me that this confusion is dangerous and costing UK organisations and businesses millions of pounds in poorly implemented security solutions.

Time and again we encounter businesses of all sizes who are hugely suspicious of the cybersecurity industry and who can blame them? Over the years there have been countless security products that promised the earth but delivered very little and often at a huge cost both financially and in resources needed to implement them. 

The challenges faced by organisations to stay safe and secure online are numerous and growing but often, consumers are barraged by countless products. There’s a multitude of ‘solutions’ including countless Antivirus, Firewalls, Advanced Persistent Threat tools, vulnerability scans and much more. And of course, we still see companies peddling products that they claim are ‘un-hackable’ (there’s no such thing).

Thanks to legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the focus on cybersecurity has never been greater, however, thanks to the needlessly complex nature of the industry, those businesses now seeking ways to reduce the risks have walked into a needlessly confusing marketplace. 

The narrative needs to change

The cyber sector is increasingly competitive but is unfortunately still full of those who make cyber out to be a mysterious dark art.  

In reality, a business can greatly reduce the risks to their organisation by implementing the cyber basics. This is an area that XQ Cyber is tackling by attempting to create a new simple, business orientated way to tackle cybersecurity.

The first step is to get a clear and accurate overview of your organisation’s cybersecurity. Cyber posture assessments combined with automated scanning of your networks via CyberScore is a great way to learn where you’re most vulnerable.

By combining these two services, an organisation can quickly become more secure and by working from empirical data/metrics they can focus their resources and budgets to where it’s really needed, rapidly improving their overall security posture.

There are plenty of myths surrounding cybersecurity and its these that need to be challenged and overcome. Scaremongering in the media and cybersecurity companies promising too much and not delivering has naturally made businesses wary.

It’s time to change the narrative and make cybersecurity something that is a normal everyday consideration, not something that is alien and exceptional.  

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