GDPR: When the ICO comes knocking, how do you prove you tried?

GDPR is here and being able to prove that you have tried to improve security when the inevitable occurs might just win you some leeway with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) than by doing nothing.

The regulation is a big deal for modern organisations as it cuts across pretty much everything they do, forcing them to think about areas they’ve probably not thought about before.

Evidence your efforts with CyberScore™

CyberScore is an automated testing service that can assist you with getting ready for the new regulation by tackling step 9 in the ICOs preparation guide which states that;  ‘You should make sure you have the right procedures in place to detect, report and investigate a personal data breach.’ The GDPR states that security should improve over time.

By using CyberScore, you will be able to demonstrate improvements as well as measure the vulnerability of your organisation to attack and to monitor and track your continuous remediation of these vulnerabilities as well as provide evidence of the actions taken to secure the organisation.

With regular scans, you will be able to stay informed of any vulnerabilities you face as well as receive expert advice on how to remediate them.

Your CyberScore timeline and your current CyberScore allows you to demonstrate that you are creating and improving security features on an ongoing basis.

The timeline shows the result of this commitment. Being able to demonstrate that you regularly scan for weaknesses and monitor continuous improvement of security measures is a powerful statement to make if the worst were to happen.

Reports and get-well plans based on empirical data will help your organisation create a paper trail of any issues, helping you to provide evidence that action was taken when a breach occurs.

So, when the ICO do come knocking at your door, you will be able to clearly demonstrate that your organisation is GDPR compliant, something that will inspire trust amongst your employees, suppliers and most importantly your customers.


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