In charge of cybersecurity? Take Control of what you’ve inherited

So, you’ve landed an IT Manager or CISO role at a new company, well done you! But how do you slip into your role with confidence and get oversight over everything that you’ve inherited?

Getting off to a strong start is essential if you’re to succeed in this high-pressure role. There’s a wealth of things you need to get to grips with and often need to do it in a very short space of time. From building a rapport with new colleagues and team (if you have one) to establishing a relationship with the board of directors, the challenges are wide and varied.

The biggest challenge you’re likely to face to begin with, is getting your head around the systems and networks in your new organisation which could potentially be tens of thousands of endpoints if you’ve landed a role in a large corporation.

Why do you need to know?

Knowing what your new networks are comprised of is a vital part of implementing an effective cybersecurity strategy. You need to discover what systems are most vital to the organisation's operations, what software needs patching and most importantly, what is most at risk from cyber attack.

In the first month, you should consider it a honeymoon phase and use the time wisely to get a head start. Senior management will soon put pressure on you to deliver proactive leadership and start producing results, especially financial ones.

With data showing that just 16% of boards at FTSE 350 companies have a comprehensive understanding of cyber risk and that 46% of companies having a cybersecurity budget in place, the challenges faced by new IT managers and CISOs are high.

Take Control with CyberScore™

To achieve oversight of your organisation you should use CyberScore™ to take control of your organisation’s cybersecurity risk rating and overall posture.

Many in the industry are often overwhelmed by products and services that promise the earth, with some even claiming to make the organisation un-hackable (nothing is un-hackable).

CyberScore™ is an automated testing service that allows you to take control of your cybersecurity by detecting vulnerabilities and providing you with empirical evidence and Get-Well plans. The score itself also allows you to clearly demonstrate to the board simply where your organisation currently stands in terms of its cyber risk rating and security posture.

What better way to show that you have everything in hand by showing decisive and clear reporting? What’s better is that CyberScore™ will allow you and your team to focus on more serious issues that may lie elsewhere saving your team both time and resources.

Perhaps the most beneficial thing for a new IT manager or CISO is the ability to show the board that they can improve cybersecurity for both less time and money. You don’t need a massively expensive set of tools that may look flashy but in reality, don’t provide you with much in the way of useful information.

If you can save your team time and allow them to focus on the meatier issues, you’ll also get them onside.

In short, CyberScore™ lets you control your risk, your score and your cyber posture.

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Why is CyberScore™ the perfect tool for CISOs?

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