Reduce the IoT Risks with CyberScore™

The popularity of internet connected devices is showing no signs of abating and as more and more IoT technology is introduced into the workplace the risks posed by hackers rises.

What are IoT devices?

Simply put, IoT devices are any devices that are connected to the internet. From fridges and TVs to toasters and heart monitors that can transfer data over a network without the need for human intervention, all are classed as IoT devices.

How can they be used to attack you?

Security for IoT devices is a major issue as many earlier devices have rather lacklustre defences built in. They also suffer from not being patched very often, if at all, leaving them vulnerable to new and emerging threats.

This is primarily down to the companies that created them rushing to get a head start in the booming IoT market. Fortunately, this situation is improving as the threats are understood but there is still a long way to go.

Hackers and cybercriminals can take control of the IoT devices and turn them into a Botnet.

A botnet is a network of compromised IoT devices controlled by a third party and used to spread malware or launch DDoS attacks. The popularity of IoT devices has grown massively over the past few years with there being billions of devices in use. The number of IoT devices in use is forecast to increase to 20 to 50 billion by the end of the decade.


The Dyn cyberattack

The most infamous example of botnets being used in cyberattacks took place in October 2016. The Dyn attack involved multiple DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service attacks) targeting systems operated by DNS provider Dyn. The attack resulted in severe problems for internet platforms and services making them unavailable across the USA and Europe.

The means of the attack was the Mirai botnet that harnessed a hundred thousand IoT devices. The attack was a major wakeup call as it demonstrated the damage that can be caused by unsecured devices being turned into botnets.

How can CyberScore™ help?

CyberScore™ automatically detects devices (computers, routers, gateways, mobile devices and other IoT devices on your network. If there are devices connected to your network, CyberScore™ can locate them and, if you don't know what your network looks like or what your IP addresses are, it can automatically detect them for you.

Once it finds the devices on a network, it can carry out detailed inspections of them to check for vulnerabilities.

In-depth patch and technical reports and a Get-Well plan provide a thorough overview and what needs to be done to improve an organisation’s security.

The process is quick and easy allowing your IT and security teams to have a clear overview of all devices on their networks and any potential vulnerabilities they may have.

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