Spending a little on cybersecurity now could save you a lot in the future

A cyber attack can result in financial losses, damaged customer confidence, ruined reputations and often hasty and costly responses.

If an organisation does suffer a breach and does not have effective cyber security in place, the effects can be extremely debilitating, especially in the case of small or medium-sized enterprises.

The financial fallout from a breach can be substantial, even more so now with the soon to be implemented GDPR and NIS directives. Under these new pieces of legislation, organisations will face huge fines from government bodies for not having adequate defences in place to protect their own data and those that they hold for others.


Unlike some areas of the cybersecurity sector, we know that safeguarding data and systems doesn’t need to be expensive. The simple introduction of basic accreditations such as Cyber Essentials and the use of CyberScore™  can play a major role in reducing the threats.

We know that there is no ‘silver bullet’ to tackling the cyber threat. Instead; a combination of employee education and the introduction of a cyber aware culture throughout the entirety of an organisation also plays a vital role.

From the top down

From the chief executive to the intern, an organisation’s workforce is often cited as the weakest link when it comes to cyber-attacks. In many incidents, malware infects an organisation’s systems via an email accidentally opened by a member of staff, or by someone clicking on a link that downloads and inflicts something nasty onto their networks.

To avoid incidents like this an organisation should invest in cyber-awareness training for its employees and supply chain partners. Education can teach employees the signs of phishing and spear phishing emails, as well as helping people to understand social engineering and how social media can be a route into an organisation for criminals.

By taking a measured approach to implementing cybersecurity, an organisation can gradually reduce the threat without causing huge disruption to its operations and balance sheets.

It’s best to take action now rather than delay until the worst happens and costs and impacts get out of your ability to control.

Why use CyberScore™?

Traditional penetration testing can cost tens of thousands of pounds and weeks of time. CyberScore, on the other hand, is faster, accurate and far more affordable.

Scan for free

CyberScore™  costs nothing for running a scan. For no cost, you can download and run as many scans as you like across as many hosts as you like as often as you like. You will receive your CyberScore and easily identify whether your organisation has vulnerabilities.

For more information about pricing visit https://www.xqcyber.com/pricing

How does it work?

CyberScore™  is easy to use. Once installed onto an organisation’s network it automatically analyses the data it gathers, identifies any vulnerabilities found and conveys this information back to the user. The security of an organisation is rated from 1-10 for external security and A-F for internal. As well as the score the user has the option of a Get-Well Plan that offers in-depth jargon-free advice on how to improve the score if needed.  

Want to learn more about how XQ CyberScore™  can help secure your business? Visit our website at www.xqcyber.com/cyberscore and if you want to give yourself the very best protection against cyber security threats try our CyberScore™  software for free now.

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