The Cybersecurity Dream team of CyberScore™ and Cyber Posture Assessments

With cyber attacks regularly hitting the headlines, associated costs are increasing year-on-year. Getting a clear overview of your organisation’s cybersecurity posture is crucial in order to reduce cyber risk.

This is where our Cyber Posture Assessments (CPA) and CyberScore™ come in.

What is a Cyber Posture Assessment?

Our team of security experts are here to help organisations gain an overview of their cybersecurity risk posture.

CPAs complement regulatory and compliance led assessments by simulating how you are likely to be targeted or attacked by using a methodology based on current cyber threats.

They test your current defences, allowing an organisation to accurately target its budget towards those areas most at risk.

Who’s it for?

  • Enterprise organisations looking to get a cyber litmus test and gain an overview of their general organisational security posture.
  • Smaller organisations and information security professionals who want a quicker understanding of their security posture and have a limited budget.
  • Any organisation wishing to take cybersecurity more seriously to help drive a security-conscious culture and ongoing improvements.

Why Cyber Posture Assessments and CyberScore™ work best together

By combining the two services, an organisation can quickly become more secure and by working from empirical data/metrics they can focus their effort and budget to where it’s really needed, saving both effort and money while rapidly improving security postures.

CyberScore identifies gaps which may be considered the most likely attack paths and CPA’s assess how a company would actually be attacked, evidencing the “What if our perimeters have been breached, how much damage could be done, how far could an attacker get, could they reach and steal our critical data/assets?” 

CyberScore has also been developed to carry out Cyber Essential Plus checks to provide a likely PASS/FAIL detailing any identified areas of concern and recommendations.  By using CyberScore, clients have  successfully certified for Cyber Essentials Plus on the first attempt in parallel, demonstrating that security foundations are in place to their clients and supply chain, recognised by a Government-backed scheme.

The Benefits

As well as providing peace of mind that your organisation has taken action to reduce the cyber risks you will also be able to assure your customers and potential customers that you take cybersecurity seriously. With new legislation and rules such as GDPR now in force demonstrating both pro-activeness and that you are taking remedial action is crucial.

By using CyberScore, in conjunction with CPAs, you will be able to demonstrate improvements to your cybersecurity. You’ll be able to measure the vulnerability of your organisation to attack as well as provide evidence of the actions taken to secure the organisation in a clear and concise evidenced based view for InfoSec Teams, Risk and Compliance as well as the C-Suite


Other XQ services

XQ Cyber is a CHECK Service provider, accredited by the NCSC, providing technical services including: 

 •  IT health checks • Penetration testing

•  Social engineering/full spectrum red teaming

 •  Internal threat simulation (Advanced phishing assessments).

•  Incident Response - preparedness and testing

 •  Virtual Information Security Manager (VISM) or Virtual CISO (VISO)

For more information about CPAs get in touch via:

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