Was the Holby City/Casualty Cyber Incident Crossover good for raising awareness?

The BBC event that saw two of its hospital dramas, Casualty and Holby City crossover in the face of a cyber attack saw Holby City Hospital plunged into a blackout, disabling much of its equipment.

We ask, was it good for raising cyber awareness?

As a BBC drama the story was conveyed in a way that you’d probably expect, but as long as you don’t pick the technical side of the plot apart it actually provided a stark message for the general public.

It was realistic enough to effectively convey the message that an interruption of a service as a result of a cyber attack can cripple an organisation. In this case the vitally important health service.

It was good for putting cyber into the minds of its audience but also raises the issue of just how cyber secure is the healthcare sector as a whole.

Hospital dramas a natural fit following WannaCry

Following the infamous WannaCry cyberattack of 2017, it was a good idea by the BBC to use its two flagship hospital dramas to raise awareness of cyber-attacks. That attack is still fresh in the public’s memory and concerns over a similar attack against other critical national infrastructure remain high.

Anything that raises awareness of the threats posed by cyber attacks is a good thing in our book but what can organisations do to reduce the threat?

Reduce the threats

Like most criminals’, malicious hackers prefer easy targets. If an organisation implements the cybersecurity basics such as effective patch management, basic cybersecurity training and the introduction of policies and incident response plans they can greatly reduce the threats. That’s not to say they will never be breached, however, in this age of automated hacking tools you’re more likely to be breached than not.

Patch it with CyberScore™  

You can’t talk about the importance of patch management without mentioning WannaCry as it was caused by attackers exploiting vulnerabilities that already had patches available.

Some organisations struggle with patch management but luckily there are now automated services out there like CyberScore that makes it easy to stay on top of the latest releases.

CyberScore™ makes patch management quick and affordable. Simply schedule a scan (ideally every month) and it will detect any outdated software on your networks allowing you to quickly get them updated with the latest security patches.

When your computer pesters you to update don’t ignore it!

Policy, procedures and audits

Ensuring organisations have well throughout policies and procedures in place can help to protect against cyber-attack.

XQ Cyber can assist with all of these as we offer a range of consultancy services that includes Cyber Posture Assessments, Incident Response preparedness and penetration testing.

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