We are all Cyber crime fighters

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It’s you and me.

With Cyber Crime continuing to rise we all need to play our part in battling cybercriminals.

Cybercrime is often in the news for a reason. According to a recent report published by Symantec*, a staggering 17 million Brits were affected by cybercrime in 2017.

Adding to the rather grim picture was a report released by Thales which showed that 36% of global organisations suffered a breach in 2017. An increase of 10% from the previous year.  

With cybercrime costing UK firms billions, we all need to do more to protect ourselves, and that means getting to grips with the basics. 


It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

If we all followed the advice given to us by the government and cybersecurity firms (like us), we could take a big bite of those cybercrime figures. The advice recommended by the Cyber Essentials scheme, us, and many other security professionals isn’t difficult to follow and wasn’t designed to be. The ultimate goal is to empower everybody to take effective action to defend themselves, their families and their organisations.

“Unless we get the basics right, there’s no point implementing more sophisticated and costly measures. For our homes, we wouldn’t dream of installing the latest, fully monitored burglar alarm while leaving the doors and windows unlocked or, even worse, open. It’s the same with cybersecurity” said XQ Director Richard Bach.

So why is cybercrime continuing to rise? Sadly, it seems as though the message still isn’t getting through to enough people. 

Those in the boardroom, need to take the lead by investing in raising awareness for their staff in the basics of cyber hygiene as well as practise what they preach. If the board leads the way, the rest of the organisation will follow.

It’s not very likely that a nation-state is your biggest problem (unless you are a government or massive corporation). Instead, the vast majority of cybercrime is often committed by bored teenagers just looking for a quick buck or bragging rights.

Once you realise that the latter is the most likely scenario, any feeling that you’re powerless to protect yourself should go out of the (usually locked) window. In reality, taking simple security steps is enough to deter most hackers: like most criminals, they are looking for easy targets. Adopting simple cyber hygiene practices is often enough to deter most attackers.

For some advice on being cyber secure, we have published advice here and here.

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