Why is CyberScore™ the perfect tool for CISOs?

With online threats on the rise, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) know that they have to keep those at the top informed. CyberScore™ can play a vital role in helping CISOs secure their organisations.

Being able to regularly report your security findings to the CEO and board of directors is a vital part of securing your organisation from cyber-attack.

After all, if the folks at the top aren’t interested or aware of the findings then how are you supposed to secure a budget in order to put security measures in place?

CyberScore assists CISOs with implementing a free and direct flow of critical information to CEOs and boards. This, in turn, increases transparency and facilitates faster decision making.

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After downloading and running CyberScore across a network, businesses are provided with a free, risk rating from 1-10 and a letter from A-F, clearly showing how effective current security measures are.

CyberScore also provides an easy to understand Get Well Plan that explains in clear, concise, wording what is needed to improve a score (if needed) and the vulnerabilities detected.

A recent report released by the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (FS-ISAC) showed that two-thirds of CISOs do not report directly to the CEO but rather to other individuals such as CIOs.

With extra layers of bureaucracy in between some CISOs and CEOs, CyberScore allows them to quickly and efficiently pass information up the ladder to the highest level of an organisation.

CyberScore also assists a CISO by being able to do once time-consuming tasks allowing them to focus on other matters.

It is a lot cheaper and more consistent than traditional penetration testing, which can cost tens of thousands of pounds and weeks of time spent by humans to conduct testing manually. 

From the scores provided by CyberScore, a CISO can accurately assess the potential risks their organisation may face – either internally or externally via the supply chain- and allows them to have proactive conversations with suppliers and partners, and in the end make better decisions when it comes to cybersecurity. 

A survey carried out by RiskIQ revealed that out of the 1,691 CISOs questioned, their biggest concern was a shortage of manpower and viable technology that can stem the tide.

CyberScore can certainly help with the latter.

Want to learn more about how CyberScore can help secure your business? Visit our website and if you want to give yourself the very best protection against cyber security threats try our Cyber Score software for free now.

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