XQ Cyber set to revolutionise Cyber Essentials Plus with CyberScore™

Bringing automation to the assessment and certification process of Cyber Essentials Plus is set to be a game changer

Tewkesbury based cybersecurity company XQ Cyber is set to revolutionise the way businesses can gain the highest level of certification under the government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme.

Cyber Essentials is designed to help organisations guard against the most common cyber threats. Having a Cyber Essentials certificate gives a business a competitive edge and reassures their customers that they take cybersecurity seriously. Being certified at the highest level of Cyber Essentials depends on having an independent assessment of your systems.

Many organisations are now beginning to require that their suppliers or partners demonstrate a level of competence and maturity when it comes to cybersecurity. A recognised way of achieving this is with Cyber Essentials certification.

Until now, it has only been possible to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus certification by employing a specialist company to perform on-site testing. This can be both expensive and difficult to do at scale. However, through clever innovation, XQ have been able to transform this process. With the company’s award-winning CyberScore™ service, organisations of all sizes will be able to automate the process of certification, cutting both the expense and amount of time it takes to achieve.

CyberScore™ is able to guide a business through the certification process, by advising which scans are likely to meet the criteria, whilst gathering information around the policies in place within the organisation. The results are made available immediately, alongside a certificate if successful and a full report containing details of the checks performed.

All successful applicants can choose to register their certificate with a click of a button ensuring that your organisation (or that of a client) is listed on the NCSC directory.

Speaking about the company’s approach, Richard Bach, one of XQ’s directors and co-founders, said: “The current method for certification depends on the use and availability of skilled assessors. But when it comes to scaling, cost and repeatability this approach has its challenges. By using technology, we can overcome these and help the Government achieve its aim of making the UK more secure and resilient.”

Get affordable, automated and effective Cyber Essentials Plus Certification with the award-winning CyberScore™. Through automated scanning attain a fair and balanced assessment of your security. With Get Well Plans and Technical Reports attain a clear overview of what needs to be done to achieve a Pass level. Reduce your costs and improve your security in one process.

For more information about CyberScore™ and how it can help your business visit – https://xqcyber.com/cyberscore

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