Scan for free

There is no charge for running scans. You can, at no cost, register for CyberScore, download our software and run as many scans as you like, across as many hosts as you like, as often as you like. (A host is an individual computer.) You will receive your CyberScore and will be able to view the dashboard.

Paying for CyberScore

If you wish to interrogate your data, view or share your Get Well Plans, and if you wish to share your data with a third party such as an insurer, investor or supply chain operator, you will be required to pay for CyberScore by buying credits within the application. You may be awarded credits by third parties – in such circumstances sharing your CyberScore costs you nothing. If you have paid for a CyberScore you may share it with as many third parties as you choose – great if you’re in lots of supply chains! 


The good news is that CyberScore is easily affordable for businesses of every size. We charge only £1 per scanned host and discounts are available for bulk purchases. You can buy CyberScore credits using credit and debit cards. Invoicing is also an option for regular users.